RinoHide™ 610mm x 457mm x 457mm TRIPLEtwenty Export Quality Cardboard Box

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    RinoHide™ - The Ultimate solution for export and heavy duty packaging.

    Extreme board strength is what every exporter looks for, and this is our sole aim in creating the ‘RinoHide™’ range of export quality board. When it is imperative that your shipment arrives in impeccable condition after having to survive, often for weeks on end, the rigors of constant movement, vibration, shock impact, humidity, water damage, puncture damage and abrasion which are associated along with the difficulties of exporting, trust ‘RinoHide™’ to get your product to your customer in unquestionable safety and security.

    Our ‘RinoHide™’ range is available with eight Toughness levels in TripleSkin and QuadSkin variants covering a very wide range of applications from standard UK and export shipping through to replacing even timber crates in some instances.

    RinoHide™ TRIPLEten: The Perfect low cost upgrade from standard double wall, if you are having problems with your cartons splitting or crushing speak to us about it, we can send a few samples to you in this grade for you to test out and see if it solves your problem.

    RinoHide™ TRIPLEtwenty: Need to upgrade slightly from TRIPLEten?? Try out TRIPLEtwenty...with stronger and thicker paper on the front and back, this grade offers higher puncture resistance and greater rigidity to deliver higher performance and greater peace of mind.

    RinoHide™ TRIPLEthirty: Export quality with chemically strengthened fluting and strengthened interior lining papers. This is an ideal board for smaller cartons and pallet box caps and trays.

    RinoHide™ TRIPLEforty: A step up from TRIPLEthirty offering a true performance grade board which is as rigid as plywood. This grade will cope with all but the toughest export case requirements.

    RinoHide™ QUADten: Our standard QUADskin board grade, with 4 paper linings and a thickness of 15mm, the QUADskin range offers superior puncture resistance and board rigidity. Ideal for larger cases and pallet boxes where heavy weights or loose, migratable products are being transported.

    RinoHide™ QUADtwenty: When you want that extra peace of mind upgrade to QUADtwenty to get a stronger and more rigid board with higher puncture resistance and compression strengths.

    RinoHide™ QUADthirty: The highest strength board on the market in the UK, this board grade has even replaced timber crates in a range of applications, cutting costs and creating easier to use packaging. A suitable testament to an advanced quality standard.