Foam Edge Protector U80 60mm-80mm x 2000mm (40 per box)
£ 93.20 £ 93.20 93.2 GBP
Tulip profile recyclable foam protection for items between 60mm and 80mm thick. Made from a recyclable LDPE impact protection foam for high performance protection and an eco-conscious choice.
Foam Edge Protector U60 45mm-60mm x 2000mm (50 Lengths per Box)
£ 89.10 £ 89.10 89.10000000000001 GBP
U profile foam edge protectors for items 45mm to 60mm thick. A high impact foam edging strip for corners and edges of items that are vulnerable during transit.
Foam Edge Protector U45 35mm-45mm x 2000mm (80 Lengths per Box)
£ 119.75 £ 119.75 119.75 GBP
Tulip shaped profiled foam protector for corners and edges of profiles between 35mm & 45mm thick. A high impact edge protector foam for items that are prone to impact damage.
Foam Edge Protector U35 25mm-35mm x 2000mm (90 Lengths per Box)
£ 119.70 £ 119.70 119.7 GBP
A foam edging strip for items between 25mm - 35mm thick in our easy to apply tulip profile that grips products effectively allowing fast packing and superior product protection.
Foam Edge Protector U25 15mm-25mm x 2000mm (140 per box)
£ 117.10 £ 117.10 117.10000000000001 GBP
Our most popular foam corner protectors for sheets and panels between 15mm - 25mm thick. A U profile foam protection for corners with easy application and high performance impact protection.
Foam Edge Protector 'L' Profile 50mm x 50mm x 6mm (240 Lengths per Box)
£ 165.10 £ 165.10 165.1 GBP
L profile foam corners for protecting the corners of cabinets, display stands, and other furniture type items. Blue foam corner protectors often used as foam angle protection in the exhibition industry.