Clear & Brown Packaging Tape

Standard clear and brown packaging tape is tape that is used for general packing applications like sealing boxes and securing protective packaging. It is made up of a backing material, usually plastic but can also be paper, with an adhesive coating. There are many different types of packing tape ranging from very cost-effective tape for short term use, to high performance high tack tape for export and bundling applications. Finding the best packing tape for your application can be a bit tricky and may take a bit of trial and error before you find the right tape for you. There are different backing materials and different adhesive types that all do different jobs, and can be interchanged to make different tape products. The result is pretty confusing so check our our blog post on how to find the best packaging tape for your application.
Eco-Friendly White Paper Packing Tape 50mm x 50m
An eco friendly white paper packing tape, made from biodegradable paper with a premium matt textured finish. White paper tape is the eco conscious choice for making your ecommerce boxes really stand out & look great.
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Eco-Friendly Brown Paper Tape 50mm x 50m
A self adhesive brown paper tape designed as an eco-logical alternative to plastic tape for taping parcels & general packaging requirements. This recyclable paper tape can be recycled along with the cardboard for an easy to recycled solution.
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Clear Premium Polyprop 48mm x 66m ACR Packing Tape Hytack
Clear tape with a polyprop backing and an acrylic adhesive for use as a parcel tape in general packing tape applications. Often used on white boxes as the transparent tape looks more professional and tidy.
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VPRO Premium Brown 48mm x 66m Vinyl Packaging Tape
Brown vinyl tape with a buff coloured vinyl backing material and a high tack solvent adhesive. Vinyl tape is also tearable and is popular for packaging applications where a heavy duty brown tape is needed.
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Brown Standard 48mm x 66m Polyprop ACR Packing Tape Hytack
A high tack acrylic brown parcel tape that is a cost-effective packaging tape with a strong adhesive. Brown packing tape is used widely for taping boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials securely for transport.
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Brown Economy 48mm x 66m Packing Tape DENVA PP ACR
A cheap parcel tape in a popular brown colour for cost-effective high volume taping applications. Used widely in fulfilment and pick & pack industries as an economic packing tape.
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