Hot Melt Glue

Hot melt glue is a thermoplastic adhesive that is supplied in solid form often as sticks or slugs, and is melted immediately before use in a hot melt glue gun or glue system. Hot melt adhesive is one of the most popular packaging adhesives because it is easy to use and dries very quickly so is often used for box sealing and general gluing applications.
The main types of hot melt glue are: Fast Set Hot Melt Glue which is used for applications where the glue needs to set quickly, Low Melt Hot Melt Glue for applications where a long set time is needed, such as where extra time for re-positioning and aligning is critical, Standard Hot Melt Glue is for general purpose applications and set times, and comes between the Fast Set and Low Melt types. High strength hot melt glue is available for specialist applications where extra grab and high adhesion is needed.

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