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E-stretch High Performance New Generation Stretch Film
E-stretch High Performance New Generation Stretch Film

E-stretch High Performance New Generation Stretch Film

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Are you looking for greater pallet stability, lower costs & greater puncture resistance?

E-stretch is a highly developed product using unique manufacturing methods to perfect your wrapping process. High performance blends are used to maximise the strength of the film then the film is optimally stretched using bi-orientating stretch technology to increase the film usage efficiency and reduce the environmental impact. After this the film is released 40% to increase wrapping effectiveness and as this is happening the edges are reinforced using a patented method to provide linier strength and reduce potential edge damage.

E-stretch is being used in growing quantities by many companies as the many benefits are being realised, call your Packaging Specialist today for a FREE DEMONSTRATION and trial.

The E-stretch Benefits:

  • Minimal stretching required means less energy used to wrap a pallet.
  • No neck-down means faster wrapping.
  • Reinforced edges provide a strapping effect around the pallet increasing stability.
  • Reduced wastage through edge damage.
  • Less film used reduces the impact on the environment.
  • Higher stretch tension across the width of the film gives a stronger and more rigid pallet.
  • Pallets can be wrapped walking forward reducing common Health & Safety Issues.
  • Reduced worker fatigue increases efficiency.
  • Faster wrapping increases pallet throughput.
  • Reduced film usage reduces wrapping costs.